Secure Your Cars with Smart Keys

Published: 19th December 2011
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Instead of the mechanical locking system, today's cars use a hi-tech security system which is operated with smart keys. It can perform a number of functions by just pressing the buttons on the head of the key or key fob. Unlike traditional ones, these keys are much more convenient to use and provide a superior car security system.

Most modern cars are equipped with a hi-tech security system which uses 'smart keys' to operate. It can perform all the functions of a traditional car key, like locking and unlocking of doors and starting car engine. But there is so much more that a smart key can do. Moreover, it uses advance technology that enables it to remotely control the security system of your car. These multi-functional keys are not only convenient to use but also increase car security to a great extent. By pressing the right button on a smart key, you can lock or unlock car doors and trunk, open or close windows and sunroof, arm or disarm the alarm system and even start your car without inserting the key.

A smart key has an electronic chip that generates a unique signal which your car can recognize. Earlier, you could find buttons on the key fob which perform different functions when you press. Today, it is possible to install all this on the head of the key. Controlling the ignition of the car engine is one of the most important functions of your smart key. Your car will start only when its in-built computer recognizes the specifically coded signal that the key generates when you press the start button. To start the car without your smart key is impossible. So, even if a thief breaks into your car, this feature will stop him from stealing your car. Some of the more advanced smart keys can set your car to make adjustments like the position of seats or steering, setting the air conditioner to a specific temperature, etc.

To use a smart key that can perform such multiple functions is indeed a smart move. But what should you do if you lose your key? Though duplication of smart keys is possible, you cannot go to any hardware store to get it done. You have two options if you want to get a replacement. You can go either to the manufacturer or authorized vendors. You may have to produce the code or picture of the key. To protect from fraud and theft, these vendors will ask for a copy of registration. To avoid any sort of inconvenience in case you lose the key, it is always better to get a duplicate key in advance.

Whether you want to upgrade your car security system or replace your smart key, there are many vendors which offer all types of products and services. As most modern cars are equipped with these hi-tech security systems, you can easily find vendors for different models of cars of various brands. But the tough part is choosing the right vendor that offers high quality products. Most of these vendors provide detailed information about the products and prices at which they are offered. So, you can do a quick online survey on the products and services offered. If you do not have much knowledge, it is always better to consult an expert who can guide you. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of a superior car security system with your smart key which is offered by many leading vendors at highly affordable price.

The author of this article is associated with Auto Transponder, a company which offers all type of car keys online.

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