Knowing Your Car Keys

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Published: 24th November 2010
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Do you know what is the difference between an ignition key, transponder key and switchblade key? This article would help you know all about the three variants.

While chatting with your friends on the issue of cars, you might have come across terms like ignition key, transponder key or switchblade key. If you have newly purchased a car, you might not be clear as to what these terms exactly mean. You might be confused which key you should get for yourselves. Which of these keys would provide you better style and security? A bit of knowledge of these keys as well as key programmer would help you keep yourselves better informed.

Ignition Key

Ignition keys are the ones that are used to turn on the ignition of the car. It is a generic term used for describing almost any type of car key. An ignition key could be a simple auto key, transponder key or switchblade key. The key is like any other usual vehicle key and can be kept in a key bunch with other keys.

Transponder Key

Transponder Key, also referred to as a chip key, is a key embedded with an electronic chip. What this does is if someone duplicates your car key, the key will open the car door but the ignition would not turn on. The mechanism demands that the code within the key has to match the code of the car's transmitter system. Only a programmed car key will transmit the code to the car transmitter and allow the ignition to start. The system brings relative safety to your car. The chances of a car being stolen would be negligible. If you happen to loose or break your auto keys, you will have to get your transponder key replaced by a local locksmith.

Switchblade Key

Switchblade key allows the key blade to be folded into an attached fob. Though it works the same way as the transponder key, its compact look makes it a convenient accessory. This is the latest invention and is increasingly becoming popular. It can be stored in less space, making it more convenient. If ever there is a problem with a switchblade key, you will need to visit a locksmith who would reprogram it. The process is just like any transponder key. However, if only the key fob breaks, it can be replaced with a new fob. A locksmith would take care of the switchblade key as well as key fob problems.

Programming Car Keys

Car Key Programmer provides radio transmission between the car key and the ignition system of the vehicle. There is a built in chip in the key with a code that allows the car to start. Duplicate keys will not work with the car because the code would not match. If a car key is lost or has been stolen, the car programmer can reprogram a spare key for your car. A programmer would also help you implement the Mileage Correction process in the car key. If a car develops an electrical fault, it may display an incorrect reading on its mileage. The process would take care of the problem and would change the speedometer reading.

Car Keys and Ignition Issues

Sometimes, the key might just not turn in an ignition. The basic reason is that the ignition assembly is not of the desired quality and thus gets worn out very fast, leaving the system with glitches. Design issue also leads to the problem. One comes across this kind of a situation when the wafers jam the ignition and the cylinder bends, leaving them latched in a position, which just does not allow them to move.

Gone are the days when ignition keys were the norm. Today people prefer keyless entry systems that look stylish as well as are more secure.

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