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Published: 08th October 2012
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To increase the inbuilt security in cars automobile manufacturers have turned to new technology and now every vehicle has a key which is specifically made for it. This uniqueness of the key makes it difficult to be replicated and prevents copies of your car keys from being made.

Cars are usually treated as prized possessions by their owners and often times there is immense bonding and some car owners even name their cars and treat them as a loved one. It is thus very important for car owners to keep their vehicles safe and to ensure they do not get lost or stolen. Modern day systems help owners to keep their vehicles safe and have reduced the incidents of car theft. While most vehicle owners opt to buy the latest cars with the most recent features, some others based on budgetary constraints opt for second hand or used cars and these may not be secured with all modern safety features. However even these cars can be upgraded and can be made safe to minimize their chances of getting stolen.

Chips are used in modern day car keys which relay specific commands to the car and can be used even from a distance. A remote is inbuilt into the car key and acts as a transmitter and conveys instructions to the receiver in the car which interprets the signal and acts accordingly. Each key is specifically made for a car and you will not be able to start your car if you do not have a key with the right chip in it. Signals between the key and car are relayed at a specific wavelength and this is programmed in to the car at the time of manufacture. It is also specific to the make and model of each car and different cars manufactured by the same company too cannot be started using the same key. Each model of car made by Chrysler comes with its own unique key and the year of manufacture of the car is also important as models of the same car made in different years may have different features.

Unlike keys used in cars earlier, copies of keys of cars which have a chip cannot be made easily at your local hardware store. It has to specifically be remade by your car manufacturer in case you lose it or it gets stolen. Thus in case you lose your car remote you will have approach a vendor who specializes in making keyless entry systems for your car maker. Since these keys work on a wireless system they can be operated even at a distance from your car. Each car needs to receive a specific set of signals from the remote to acknowledge and process it and hence no two cars will respond to the same signal.

A replacement key can be purchased by you in case you lose your original car remote also commonly called keyless remotes Online stores also offer options to buy a substitute key for your vehicle and these can be selected based on the specific model of your car. Resources available over the internet also explain in detail how these remotes can be programmed to your car and make it possible for you to do it on your own without having to depend on any mechanics or hardware store personnel.

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