All You Need To Know About Remote Keyless Entry

Published: 29th July 2011
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RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) technology is introduced in automobile sector to improve the level of comfort and security by several notches. This technology works through code-based communication, at fixed radio frequency. Read on to know all about this technology.

Remote Keyless technology is designed to remotely permit or deny the access to premises or vehicles. This technology is widely used as a standard feature in modern cars. As the name suggests, keyless remote technology allows the car owner to lock/unlock the doors, release the trunk latch, and turn on/off the interiors and ignition without using a key. In automobile sector, this technology was first utilized in 1983 on American Motors vehicles as an optional device to main car key. In 1989, General Motors used this technology in its W-Platform vehicles like Pontiac Grand Prix and Buick regal, and the feature was made widely available. Today, this feature has availed a lot more popularity and comes with almost every new model of car.

Working of RKE Technology

There are two main apparatus the technology relies upon an electronic control module and a code-enabled small chip. The electronic control module is kept inside the car while the tiny chip is installed in the remote device. When pressing button on key-fob, the chip transmits radio waves to the electronic control module on a fixed frequency. Notably, this technology works at a fixed radio frequency that is 315 Mhz in the United States and Japan, and 434/868 Mhz in Europe. The electronic control module catches the signal and identifies the code. If the code is recognized to be similar, it allows to operate the required function. This technology can work from a significant distance that comes under the range of remote.

Some Advantages of RKE Technology

The core benefits of RKE technology are convenience and security. The device can remotely control the basic functions of a vehicle, and offers great comfort to the rider. It makes the driver's job easier and more convenient operating numerous functions from a significant distance. RKE devices usually feature a red panic button, to allow the driver to sound an alarm in case of any emergency. The technology offers numerous features to enhance the security of vehicle. Offering a code-based protection, it prevents car theft. The vehicle will remain immobilized until the right code is transmitted. Equipped with cyclic cryptographic code (the code automatically changes after every transaction), this technology keeps the vehicle safe when the rider is away from it. Some additional features like power window control, sliding door control and remotely start can provide the rider a sense of comfort.

In fact, RKE device, typically in form of a remote or a key-fob, enhances the driver's experience in two main areas- convenience and security. Some times, the situation becomes difficult when the rider loses the device, as no other device can be used in place of that. But with some expert locksmiths, this issue can be solved. They can provide the driver a new remote device and reprogram it in the vehicle. With wide-spreading use of Internet, these services can be purchased online. One just needs to search a reputed locksmith in/around his area and order for a remote considering his vehicle model. Although, the locksmiths offer a wide range of remotes including Ford remote, Chevrolet remote, Audi remote, Grand Cherokee remote and many more, one needs to ensure the remote availability for his vehicle model in advance.

This article is written by an expert who is closely associated with Auto Transponder, one of the reputed locksmiths in Cleveland, Ohio that provides keyless car remotes and other locksmith tools.

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