Advantages of Transponder Keys

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Published: 01st August 2012
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Keys play a vital role to control access to the vehicle and keep it safe from theft or damage. As car theft has become very common these days, it is better to take adequate care of your car to keep it secure. Transponder keys have come up a great medium to safeguard your vehicle.

Technology has grown a lot today that makes the lives of people very safe and secure. Transponder key is the latest invention in the automobile sector that assures safety of your vehicle in homes or offices. These are in fact, high security keys that allow transmission between the lock and signal in your car.

The technology advancement in automobile sector was in its initial stages during early manufacturing of cars. Further, the doors were designed in a way to simply lock and unlock the car. In fact, people used to think it as the perfect medium to secure vehicle. However, it was easy for thieves to enter into the car, short circuit the ignition and ride it far away from the owner.

Car owners felt the need of a strong security system that would help them to keep an eye on their vehicle. Considering the need to design a security system to safeguard car, engineers and technicians introduced transponder keys for car security.

Also called as Chip Keys, transponder keys have signal-emitting circuits that are built inside these keys. When you turn the ignition cylinder by transponder key, the computer of car sends radio signals to the circuit of transponder. The transponder circuit does not have a battery to operate it; rather the radio signals provide it the required power to perform function.

The transponder circuit is equipped with a computer chip that is programmed to respond to the car's computer by sending coded signals. If the circuit fails to respond or code is incorrect, the engine would not start. It helps to safeguard your car and decrease chances of theft or car damage.

As transponder keys work on unique codes, it is not possible to duplicate these keys. In fact, each transponder key is programmed and designed to work for a specific car. There is no chance that two transponder keys can be alike, so you can stay assured for the safety and security of your vehicle.

Apart from this, transponder keys even enable the users to lock and unlock the car doors. All you need to do is just press a button to operate the car. The best part of using transponder keys lies in the fact that you can control the functions of car from a short distance away from it. In case you forget to lock the door and came far away from car, you just have to push the button on the key and your car would get locked automatically.

It is not easy for the thief or any intruder to open the door of car or start its engine. The device in the car has an alarm system that beeps continuously as soon as an intruder tries to enter into the vehicle. With the use of transponder keys, you don't have to worry about its safety every time.

To ensure security of your vehicle, you must install the device in your vehicle. You can search online for websites to buy transponder keys. There are sellers who offer transponder keys, replacement keys and car remote entry online searching would be a great idea to buy quality devices at competitive rates.

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